The key reasons I choose to work with Anthesis are because they are small enough to understand my business and requirements, but big enough to source the appropriate level of calibre to fit my business and project needs. I’ve previously worked with other consultancies and directly with traditional vendors and even though I’ve tried other options, I always come back to Anthesis. Charles, Director, understands my requirements and always comes back with the appropriate consultant and at a value adding rate. The consultants have always been a perfect match and I see them as a true extension of my team. Mike Stride, for example, was a genuine pleasure to work with and a refreshing input into our system design and implementation. Charles always takes my calls when I contact him directly, he never delegates and there is no difference in the way I’m dealt with whether my request is a simple question which does not lead to a direct opportunity or a large project with prospects. For me, there’s currently no better ERP consultancy to meet my needs.