De-risk your internal projects with access to the right staff at the right time and help realise the full value of your Enterprise Resource Planning solutions faster.


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Our expert resourcing is dedicated to seamlessly bridging the gap between your project’s vision and its execution. With our proven approach to timely staff augmentation, it empowers you to assemble a team of skilled, temporary, or sub-contract resources, precisely tailored to your project’s unique requirements. All without the hassle of recruiting scarce resource and holding onto them for longer than you need.

We specialise in finding the right resources to help you quickly scale up you team for specific projects or periods of high demand. This flexibility helps manage costs and resources effectively, saving time and helping to accelerate project timelines. We can provide access to talent from different geographic locations too, allowing customers to leverage global expertise. Contracted staff can also help bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to a project, helping share their expertise and knowledge with your internal team, contributing to skill development and cross-functional learning.

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Our network of IFS consultants covers a range of skills including configurations, customisations, data migration and reporting. With industry knowledge across discrete and process manufacturing, construction, engineering, service management, EAM, quality management, HR, finance, and supply chain. With hands-on knowledge across multiple IFS modules and versions.

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We have a wide range of M3 on-premise and CloudSuite skills across many disciplines including functional knowledge in finance, sales order management, supply chain planning, manufacturing, procurement, warehousing and logistics; and technical skills in personalisation, integration using MeC, ION workflow, XtendM3 extensibility, data migration, Infor Document Management, output management and Reporting.


Why Choose Our Resourcing Services?

When your back is against the wall and your project demands an infusion of expertise, our resourcing team excels at finding the ideal professionals, offering you a range of benefits:

  • Rapidly scale your teams to meet project demands without unnecessary overheads. Our flexible approach empowers you to manage costs and resources effectively, ensuring you have the right people in place precisely when you need them.
  • We take pride in quickly onboarding seasoned professionals who then seamlessly integrate into your project. By doing so, we not only save you valuable time but also expedite your project timelines.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Collaborative Learning
  • Expertise Across Disciplines: Our extensive talent pool boasts a comprehensive range of skills across various disciplines. From finance and sales order management to supply chain planning, manufacturing, procurement, warehousing, and logistics, we’ve got you covered.

Speak to us today to find out about our available resources. 

We maintain strong relationships with a network of more than 150 consultants with a wide variety of skills. We know who is available and how to match you to the right resource for your project.

Whether you need additional support for a project or specific expertise, our consultants can help you bridge the gap and achieve success.

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