Distribution .

Drive productivity and get full visibility of your entire operation with Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise.


A single, connected solution for all your distribution activity.

We provide a comprehensive business management solution that integrates all the core functions of your distribution operation. With key features such as centralised data, order & warehouse management, demand planning, supplier integration, real time visibility and reporting. Completely contained within one system that can be uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

Anthesis understands how to shrink down or scale up this software to ensure it is exactly the right size for your business. Our expert consultants and solution architects have been through this process many times before, trust us to guide you through every step of the journey.

Discover the benefits of Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, and Anthesis the right partner to make the software work for you.

Centralise data

Access and share real-time information related to inventory, orders, and suppliers and eliminate paper waste

Automate inventory control

Monitor and control inventory efficiently. Track stock levels, manage reorder points, and reduce the risk of over or understocking.

Simplify warehouse management

Streamline order processing and fulfilment with automated entry, tracking, and delivery. Optimise your warehouse layout to accelerate picking, packing and shipping.


Anthesis delivers the benefits of digitalisation for distribution. 

We worked with St Pierre Groupe to select and implement Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise.

Discover why they chose us to help them modernise their core business systems to instil robustness, consistency and scale across the business, driving enhanced visibility and control via dynamic insights and intelligence.

Infor Demand Planning simplifies and accelerates the forecasting process to predict demand accurately.

Improve your customers’ experience and your supplier relationships with seamless communication based on real-time visibility. Make informed decisions and respond quickly to changes in demand, supply, and regulatory changes.

Learn more about the Demand Planning tool, watch our free video recording on demand.


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