Published 23 Jan 24

5 things to prepare for the Ming.le switch off in April 2024

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Infor is saying goodbye to Ming.le on 30th April 2024. After this date, Ming.le will be decommissioned and replaced by Infor OS Portal for multi-tenant users and you must complete migration to the OS Portal.

This move will retire H5 Classic and mean that all H5 Scripts coded in an incompatible way may break. Allowing the deadline to lapse with no action could affect your operation of M3, resulting in downtime.

If you haven’t started to prepare for the change, you need to act swiftly. So, what does your team need to do to get ready for the big switch off?

Don’t fear! The Anthesis technical consulting team has assembled a 5-stage plan to ensure you are taking the right steps to retain your functionality:

Your 5 Step Plan


1. Prepare: Begin using the new User Interface.

In June 2023, all multi-tenant customer environments were enabled with Trial Mode access to the new OS Portal. Access to Trial Mode will allow you to familiarise yourself with the changes and get ready in advance. You can even run both in parallel for a period before you make the change permanently. Be aware that there are significant differences in the way that you move around the new portal and the way that the portal can display information, one useful feature is the ability to undock the in-context displays and move to a new screen.


2. Scope: Review all your H5 Scripts.

Review non-standard active H5 scripts in TST, TRN & PRD. If you are unsure, Anthesis can help you do this. We have already done this for M3 users and our technical team can quickly advise which scripts may cause compatibility issues. You can use Infor tooling as well as Anthesis bespoke tooling to review active H5 scripts and drive estimates.


3. Fix: the H5 Scripts.

Apply necessary changes to fix compatibility issues by bringing code in line with Infor’s recommendations. Anthesis’ technical team follow Infor best practices to fix scripts where appropriate and deploy new features where possible (API V2, new data grid component).


4. Test: the new Scripts with those that use them

Complete your testing and validation process by speaking to users to ensure all changes have been made and will work as expected to avoid downtime. Remember that accessing your environment in Trial Mode does not affect the active Ming.le Mode on each tenant and both can be run simultaneously for testing purposes. You may want to pay particular attention to in-context information which can be built differently using the new portal. Remember to check that your in-context apps work correctly. This may also be an opportunity to build new in-context apps that were not possible under the older portal.


5. Futureproof yourself.

Ensure that all your users are trained in how to navigate and use the new portal and are aware of the differences. You should also be mindful of the changes to the data grid component and M3 API versions. These changes were announced at a recent event in Stockholm by Infor and are likely to take place over the coming years. The Anthesis team took several key learnings from this event and our relationship with Infor means we stay as up-to-date as possible and pass this knowledge on to our customers. Speak to us to find out what is coming down the track.

Need more advice?

The Anthesis technical consulting team has already helped M3 customers make the required changes and ensure compatibility. These users are now on the new portal and enjoying the benefits of the new user interface. Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you to prepare, scope, fix and test and ensure that this change is a smooth process with minimal downtime.

Click here to contact Anthesis today for advice on how to prepare for the Ming.le switch off.

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