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Anthesis provide market leading and competitively priced support offering, covering both new and older versions of IFS              

Anthsis are well respected in the industry as an IFS Software reseller, IFS services partner and Infor M3 partner.

As well as our distinguished ERP consultancy solutions, Anthesis are pleased to announce a world class support service to include all versions of IFS (new or older versions, including oracle).

ERP Support

Designed as an extension of your IT department, or to allow them to focus on more important core projects, Anthesis are here to assist all IFS queries in a timely yet highly professional manner.

With highly competitive support services at a reasonable hourly price point – from dedicated IFS experts – giving you a central point of contact yet totally flexible solution to your business requirements. The service can be procured as either an extension of an IT department or as a standalone solution.

Tom and Charles

Tom Constantine and Charles Noden, Founders of Anthesis

Tom Constantine, Director, comments:

“Our clients have been regularly asking our consultants for us to provide a support service that deals with both reactive and proactive IFS issues that are faced everyday within enterprise organisations.

Our core USP is a speedy and cost effective resolution of all IFS support issues from knowledgeable experts – keeping your internal IFS user productivity high and your IT team focused on core projects.

The reactive part of our service ensures that IFS users are not bogging down the in-house IT team with issues that we can deal with more quickly and efficiently. New IT projects are renowned for late delivery and this is often because of resource being deployed on fixing issues rather than executing important new projects.

Our extremely cost effective solution is designed to take these reactive issues away, ensuring the IT Director and Finance Director can clearly see the ROI on deliverables for core projects”.

Oliver Fenton, Professional Services Manager at Anthesis, adds:

“Our support & service desk deal with help tickets daily, so we are confident that we can increase productivity with first time resolution a high percentage of the time. Quite frankly, this is a lot quicker and more economical then trying to tackle these in-house – we are IFS experts after all!

The proactive part of our service includes reporting back, health checks, training and sharing best practice across the organisation. All of which are designed to reduce the number of help requests in the first instance, which is a massive financial win for any organisation using new or legacy IFS systems.

Our hourly support fee is dependent on requirements and we have positioned this to be highly attractive but without compromising the quality of the support and service we can provide. It’s a bold claim, but we believe we are the best in the industry! Initial feedback is really positive, which is very pleasing after our efforts to launch this as best of breed.

Flexibility and continual dialogue with our clients’ means we can improve and fine tune this moving forward.

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