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Paschal D’Arcy joins Anthesis as an Infor Consultant

A very warm welcome to Paschal who joins the Anthesis Team as an Infor Consultant.

With over 25 years’ consulting experience delivering IT solutions to clients in UK, Europe, US and Australia, Paschal has a deep understanding of business processes and project delivery. This knowledge, combined with a commitment to delivery, allows him to engage, understand and deliver customer business requirements very successfully.

Paschal is particularly adept in cross functional roles, where he has enabled disparate departments and organisations to function as one.

Paschal’s primary role is to enable our clients to deliver the changes necessary to successfully realise their business objectives through IT solutions.

Outside the world of Anthesis Paschal lives in Naas, Ireland and enjoys motorbikes, travel and writing.

Welcome to Anthesis Paschal!

Paschal D'Arcy