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Finsbury Food use Anthesis consulting expertise to implement ERP across multiple sites

Finsbury Food Group is the No.1 UK supplier of premium cakes and celebration cakes. It is also the 2nd largest supplier of cakes (any type) to the UK’s grocery market and has 6 diverse sites in the UK. Products include bread, rolls, muffins and morning pastries – all available fresh or frozen. Total group revenue was £320m in 2017 and over 3000 staff.

Due to the complexity of the project and limited internal resource, Finsbury Foods knew they needed an external Infor M3 project manager.

They made contact with Anthesis, who recommended one of their internal Project Managers ‘Mike Stride’, who has over 15 years of M3 experience. Mike became their Project Manager and steered the Finsbury Foods M3 project throughout the duration of the core build and rollout to 5 separate sites.

Organic growth and acquisitions meant that there were more than three ERP systems, including an old version of Infor M3. All three ERP systems required a significant upgrade to service the complex needs to the organisation. The ultimate objective was to implement one robust and flexible ERP system across the whole Finsbury Food business.

After due diligence, Finsbury Food decided that the chosen solution was Infor M3 v13.3 Implementation Accelerator (IA). This solution is designed for organisations which want to implement an ERP solution quickly, as the IA is a pre-configured environment tailored to the Food and Beverage industry. It was recognised before kick-off that this was an important yet challenging project, across many sites and many products.

The four main M3 benefits identified were:

  1. Make staff daily working lives better with less paperwork and admin
  2. Power to make better informed decisions
  3. Better buying power as a Group
  4. World Class Traceability

Finsbury Foods contacted Anthesis in search of a Project Manager due to a recommendation from an existing Anthesis customer. Mike Stride from Anthesis was asked to become the Project Manager and was with Finsbury Foods through the duration of the Core build and rollout to 5 separate sites.

Infor M3 v13.3 was chosen as the best ERP solution, using the following modules:

• M3 Manufacturing • M3 Finance • M3 Procurement • M3 Inventory • M3 Supply Chain Planning • Demand Planner • Scheduling Workbench • Warehouse Mobility • Graphical Lot Tracker

The project lasted over two years and have 3 main “go live” dates across many different sites

  • Consistent and fully understood processes
  • Diagnosis of issues can be undertaken by a wide range of staff across the various sites
  • Ability to change processes is enhanced as these are well understood
  • Labour and material variances are available at all levels in the BOM and can thus influence operation decisions
  • Common financial measures
  • BI reporting and common KPI’s across all sites
  • Traceability is rapid and accurate
  • Purchasing leverage due to information on group spend
  • The project has highlighted some outstanding staff who had not been previously identified
  • Staff can, and do, move between sites to assist on the M3 project as it is a Core solution
  • Acquisitions can be integrated by implementing the Core solution

“Mike made a real difference to the project, his expertise helped make the project a real success” – Finsbury Food spokesperson