Published 21 Jan 21 2 minute read

Is your team tied up with IFS Support?

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Anthesis can provide the right sized support for your IFS Apps system, freeing up your team to focus on core projects.

See our infographic below to learn more about our IFS support service, or speak to us today to discuss our flexible package options and get a quote tailored to your business.

What do our customers say?

“The Anthesis team have broken records for tickets closed and we have seen a near 70% reduction in the number of tickets.” Steve Hart, LGC

“We now see improved case resolution times and our users get a faster turnaround for their problems meaning they are much more productive with IFS.” Stephen Lyons, Hakama AG

“Should I ever feel stuck on any issue within our IFS system, I feel comfortable and confident that I can speak to Anthesis and their response time is excellent.” Ricky Hunjan, Morgan Advanced Materials

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