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IFS for HR: Top 3 Quick Wins

Written by Jeremy Fothergill, Senior IFS Consultant

Discover how to release the value of IFS for HR with 3 quick wins that can be easily switched on without waiting for phase 2, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Disciplinary and Grievance
  • On-boarding

Don’t let HR get left behind

The HR department is often left out of the central focus of the initial ERP implementation and whilst they may deliver the critical employee register in IFS in phase 1, the real HR opportunities are too often relegated to phase 2. This causes frustration and the HR team could be missing out on the benefits of improved efficiency and integration with the rest of the organisation’s processes.

However, there are quick wins that can be gained by making improvements to the HR functionality of IFS, delivering substantial benefits without waiting for the all important phase 2 plans to go ahead. The HR team can take ownership of delivering these benefits and realise many of typical ERP success drivers such as the single source of truth, consistency of data and the replacement of outdated, manual spreadsheets and emails.

Watch the video below to see our recent webinar on achieving 3 quick wins with IFS for HR, presented by Jeremy Fothergill.

After watching the video, don’t forget to download the quick start guide to implementing the Disciplinary and Grievance process in IFS. You can click here to download the quick start guide.