Date: 16th September 2021

Time: 10:00 - 10:45 BST

Location: Online


FREE Webinar: A fresh, sweeter approach to help keep Infor M3 Applications operating smoothly

Keeping business critical Enterprise Applications and cloud services running, and to peak performance, is vital in ensuring customer promises are kept and that company profitability remains high. However, with ever increasing demands on in-house support teams, this task can sometimes appear as unachievable. How do you ensure a quick response to incidents, have the comprehensive skills needed and the time to adapt the system to new business needs and opportunities?

Join our two experienced professionals, Oliver Fenton and Andrew Stephenson, to learn how a fresh, comprehensive and flexible approach to supporting the Infor M3 suite can help to take the stress away by efficiently reacting to the time critical incidents and by providing a proactive way to improve business effectiveness. Learn how your team can get time back, access a wide portfolio of skills, embrace new ways of working and reduce stress levels! With experience of over 50 supported customers, we will also provide a 6-point checklist that can help in looking for the right partner.


Oliver Fenton, an ITiL qualified, Professional Services Manager with 12 years specialist IFS and Infor customer support experience. Highly skilled in front-line roles, from resourcing through to operational practice management, to provide support solutions to over 500 customers in industries including; Automotive, Aviation, Food & Beverage, Energy, Construction, Utilities and Manufacturing. Oliver is passionate in developing and implementing flexible support solutions that deliver real customer value.

Andrew Stephenson, an ITiL qualified, Service Desk Manager with 21 years specialist Infor M3 customer support experience gained from leading support and customer success teams across EMEA. Exceptionally skilled in support across industries spanning; Distribution, Food & Beverage, Service/Rental and Manufacturing. Andrew is passionate in providing an excellent customer experience from proactive support solutions and always strives to go beyond to help make things always better for customers.