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Anthesis adds further expertise to IFS consulting team

Anthesis have further strengthened their IFS consulting team with the addition of Robert Perez.

Robert has joined Anthesis as a CRM, Techno-Functional Consultant, working with our customers on IFS Applications in which he has seven years’ real-world experience.

He is a business graduate with strong technical skills, obtained in 3 organisations and all of which uses IFS software at its core, running IFS at different versions. In his last role, he successfully transitioned a company’s CRM and SRM from IFS Apps8 to Apps10 with RIVA and using robust BETA planning/testing.

Robert also recently attained the Writing Advanced SQL Queries Certification with an impressive 92.5% score. “Knowing the functional process isn’t enough for me, I have to also get my hands on the reports, the events, permissions and lobbies.”

His ambition is to further develop his expanding IFS knowledge base – with the cloud based Apps10 but also legacy versions of IFS – and to help Anthesis grow its reputation as one of the leading IFS consultancies in Europe. Working closely with Anthesis customers who are considering, implementing or improving their IFS system is something that Robert is looking forward to.

In his spare time, he likes to keep fit going to the gym and likes to cycle occasionally. He also enjoys playing and learning about poker and entering live tournaments. When asked why, he says “The game is a mix of strategy, calculating odds, and reading your opponents. The thrill aspect doesn’t hurt either, and there’s always room for improvement.” Recently Robert has won a couple of tournaments in Madrid.

Robert at the table during Poker tournament
Robert at the IFS offices in Madrid