We are implementing a new central system to bring better control of our projects and contracts, and improve the way we communicate with you.

How does this impact you?

As we transition to the new system you will see some slight changes to both the format of the information that you receive from us and the way in which you access our information. The material below explains what you should expect and will hopefully answer any queries you may have.

Should you seek further assistance we have a dedicated portal to help support you through the changes. Please refer to the training material in the first instance, then direct any further queries through the support portal.

What’s new?

Previously all of our consultant and contract time was managed on the timesheet portal, this will now be handled within our new system. Once we move into the new system you will receive communications in the new format.

There will be some changes to the way we handle Invoicing, Time Registration and Expenses.


There will be a cut-off date for invoices being processed in the old system. We will advise you of the deadline and your expected actions with plenty of notice.

All invoices for time will need an invoice advice number this will be emailed to your accounts email address we hold on file.

Invoice advices are created from time submitted into the new system, once this time has been approved by Anthesis you will receive an email with a PDF attached detailing the invoice advice number to quote on your invoice and the amount to invoice.

All invoices for expenses will need a PO number, this will be provided to you by email after the expenses have been approved in the new system.

You will need to submit your invoices to match the lines on the invoice advices and PO’s you receive from Anthesis.

Time Registration

Logging time to a project will now be entered and processed directly in the new system. Time will now be booked in hours rather than days, so a standard day will be shown as 7.5 hours.

All time needs to be submitted against the relevant Purchase Order provided by Anthesis.


If you previously entered expenses through the timesheet portal, this will now be entered directly within the new system against the relevant project.


Anyone with access to the new system via a login will receive training on the new system. Invitations will be sent to you to complete your training. We are on hand to support and offer additional training if required and any requests can be raised within the portal.


We understand that there may be some questions about what these changes will mean for you.

Please click here to download and read our FAQ document which may help to answer some of the questions you may have.