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Global software – Spreadsheet Server

global solutionsAre you currently preparing your financial analyses and reports in Microsoft® Excel?

Spreadsheet Server takes the pain and frustration out of management information. Live data from your ERP system is fed directly into Microsoft Excel, allowing the user to work with it and giving them the capability to drill down to supporting information.

Spreadsheet Server lets you leverage the familiarity of Microsoft Excel as a reporting and analysis tool while delivering up-to-the minute dynamic data.

This innovative Microsoft Excel add-in lets you keep it simple. It is the tool of choice because it is easy to use. All that the user of Spreadsheet Server needs to do is open their worksheet and watch the balances populate dynamically with financial information from the ERP system. The unique drill-down capability adds a powerful new level of detail by allowing data to be queried down to transaction level.


Real Time Balances
Retrieve real-time period, year-to-date, and quarter balances using simple Excel formulas. Formula wizard is available to assist users in creating new formula expressions. Account descriptions can also be retrieved for single accounts.

Account Combinations
Use wild cards, ranges, or segment lists to retrieve any combination of accounts into a single spreadsheet row. Segment Lists are user defined combinations of segments that are set at the local level or can be shared among multiple users.

Drill Down Capabilities
Real-time drill down capabilities allow for review of detailed account balances and journal entry information. Combine your financial reporting with account analysis to achieve more efficient analysis of your key data.


  • Operable within minutes of delivery
  • Loaded to user machines as Excel Add-in
  • Users require Excel skills plus one day training only and then can create their own Management Reports & Analyses
  • Easy-to-Use Templates and Assistants provide links to data
  • Eliminates expensive outside assistance, delays or backlogs
  • Users define business structures, grouping and period grouping
  • Can access history, actuals, budgets, statistical values
  • Users’ Excel skills provide totals, formatting, annotating, graphics etc
  • Population or refresh and distribution of reports automated
  • There’s no risk of amending source business system data
  • Little impact on main server performance
  • Supports IFS, JD Edwards, Lawson M3 (Movex), Oracle, SAP