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Demand Solutions

demand solutionsDoes your business want to cut costs by significantly reducing its investment in inventory? Would it benefit from an improved process for demand planning and forecasting?

Demand Solutions provides simple and affordable supply chain forecasting software which does exactly that. Their products help manufacturing businesses of any size improve the communication between sales and production, helping to eliminate under or over-stocking and improving customer service.

Their easy to use applications have a proven track record of success. Over 2,000 companies in more than 70 countries already benefit from it, including Nike, Unilever and Calvin Klein. By implementing supply chain forecasting software and other tools from Demand Solutions they’ve cut their investment in stock by an average of 30% while improving service and efficiency.

Demand Solutions products are already being used as the demand forecasting front end to almost every ERP package on the market. Their supply chain forecasting software tools include:

  • Demand Forecasting (including aggregation and pro-ration)
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Sales, Customer and Supply Chain Collaboration (including profiling)
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Retail Planning and Auto-store Replenishment
  • Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling Supply Chain VMI

Other Demand Solutions customers include organisations such as BP, Saab Aircraft, Calvin Klein, Sara Lee and Diageo.

Anthesis has partnered with Demand Solutions to offer you a software and service solution that integrates with your IFS or Lawson M3 installation and helps you achieve significant reductions in investment in inventory. It can also enhance your customer service capability by giving improved visibility of planning and scheduling, allowing you to provide more accurate delivery dates.

By improving their demand forecasting and planning capability, organisations can significantly reduce their investment in inventory, freeing up working capital that can be invested elsewhere in the business.

Contact us for more information about how Anthesis and Demand Solutions can help your business or for a product demonstration.