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We’re ION Certified!

RBAnthesis is pleased to announce their new ION certification. Infor ION is Infors middleware engine, the ‘glue’ to allow multiple product modules to be integrated together. It allows organisations to “future proof” their existing systems, thus ensuring that investments already made are protected. It was a key strategy to certify Anthesis in ION due to many of our clients systems moving on to the platform. ION enables the end user to add new functionality without causing lengthy upgrade cycles and enables our consultants to deploy new software solutions for our clients.

We realise that there is a shortage of skills within our market place and demand for consulting services with expertise in the latest products are on the rise. We are increasingly being called on as the ‘go-to’ team; our clients rely on us to ensure our consultants are all fully versed in the latest technological advances as well as knowing existing systems inside out. Two senior business consultants at Anthesis, Rebecca Barr & Mike Stride dedicated their time to achieving the ION certification for Anthesis, resulting in qualified expertise in all aspects of ION.

Being a channel partner since 2013, we have to maintain certifications in the products Infor is delivering to customers to make sure we can deliver to the end user. ION enhances current systems and can scale up or down to support businesses as they grow, change and develop. Systems can now meet almost any level of integration by allowing easy modifications of processes, making business more agile and dramatically reducing Clients’ IT burdens.

The ION Suite

Infor’s ION technology lets you easily integrate both Infor and non-Infor systems, so you can have your applications can talk to each without doing complex integrations or customizations. ION also uses a loosely-coupled architecture so that you can upgrade one system – or even have it go down – without impacting the others. Think of it like the internet. If one application goes down, the internet doesn’t go down with it. It’s the same with Infor ION. With the release of Infor 10x, ION also now delivers new levels of scalability, so you can meet any requirement for system up-time and availability.
The suite allows simple and quick connectivity to all of your applications. It enables you to get common reporting and analysis, workflow and business monitoring with one consistent architecture. Event-driven architecture also allows the suite to push data, work activities and exception notifications to the user