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Infor M3 consultants kept busy by new engagements through Anthesis

Anthesis’ position as a highly respected Infor M3 Service Partner is being demonstrated by the growing number of project referrals. A year ago, Anthesis was being asked to support one or two new projects a month, but more recently, the volume has more than tripled, to around six projects each month.

The projects are both new implementations of Infor M3 and application upgrades, typically to M3 13.3. Anthesis is being asked to supply a growing number of consultants covering Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain Management, Finance and Equipment Management, working in the UK, Europe and North America.

At any given time, Anthesis is typically working on ten Infor M3 engagements. Their duration can range from ten days to more than a year, and they cover all the core vertical markets using the M3 ERP software, such as food, manufacturing and ESM&R.

Anthesis director Charles Noden said: “We are extremely pleased at the steady growth in consulting projects being referred to Anthesis. We’ve worked hard to develop good relations with the Infor project teams while also investing in our own infrastructure, including maintaining our own Infor M3 environments for testing and training.”

“We have always been focused on partnership working,” Charles added. “We take pride in being highly responsive to requests for assistance from Infor or their user base, and we have a track record of mobilising highly skilled consultants extremely quickly.”

Anthesis’ success in swift delivery of the right consulting support is founded on its deep extended network of ERP specialists from across Europe. Constructed over many years of working with users of Infor software, this network is strengthened by a commitment to ongoing training and development of consultant expertise.